Casually waiting for my taxiIt costs around  to get driven around in an old Chevrolet in Havana with a guide and tour Most of the drivers are doctors trying to earn spare  And honestly it is SO worth it  I really think Cuba has my heart forever Blog post on how to make your Cuba trip beyond excellent on girlunfurledcom
Chasing waterfalls  Theres something very magical about trekking to and from a waterfall And I think because I only saw my first one age  in Colombia  since then Ive been hooked on seeking them out wherever I go Waterfall hiking is also a great way to get your activity fix  after all that walking you can go for a swim to cool off which I also always do  This one is cascada San Ramn in Ometepe one of my favourite spots in gorgeous Nicaragua which has waterfalls and hikes aplenty
Not in the least bit pining for sunnier climes and palm trees from London  But already excited for the next chapter here even if it is like  degrees  Side note is it weird I dont have the travel blues
Recently I spent a month working and travelling in the Dom Rep I booked a flight from Nicaragua knowing nothing about the island or what to do there andended up having it as one of my fav destinations Read all about why I loved mingling with Domincans and getting mistaken for one as well as my experiences working in a hostel in my latest blog link in bio  If anyone has any qs a about working abroad or visiting the Dom Rep hit me up too wwwgirlunfurledcom
Camel trekking through the Sahara desert at sunrise was one of the best travel experiences Ive ever had My topdecktravel guide even acted as the group photographer and hes got skills
Spring has sprung in London and if feels so good to be back  I was so eager to get away from here last year and now I feel more at home here Been taking a minute to enjoy what Ive been without and now my city is almost like brand new again  Sometimes to appreciate what you have you need to be without it for a while
Casual turban selfie I actually spent part of last week riding a camel in the Sahara and it was one of the best travel experiences Ive ever had in my  years lol  When I left home a year ago I didnt imagine these kind of opportunities would present themselves to me so thanks to topdecktravel for making it happen  if anyone is interested in Morocco travel or working remotely DM or email me because now Im Londonbound Ill have lots of time to reply  If you have travel ambitions make  the year that you realize them its never too late
Part of Rabat Moroccos capital is entirely blue and white We had a tour organized with topdecktravel and took about a million photos in the process

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